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Spirit Art

“Now into the Autumn age of life, the enthusiasm & inspiration to paint continues. I work to encourage young people to search for the artist within.”

Alan Stuttle Inspired Artist works as a course organiser at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall inspiring others in exploring not only their artistic talents but discovering their sensitivity to enrich & bring healing to self and others.

Working in many countries he has enabled many to have the privilege of not only receiving a message from loved ones but have been given the evidence by way of a portrait of them which, in countries where there can be a language barrier this gives unique communication. Alan was encouraged by the well-respected artist Coral Polge and likewise would be happy to teach others who wish to seek their latent talent.

The Spirit Artist – Alan Stuttle

More than anything, Spirit Art is a manual that gives guidance into how art and mediumship work together and what they can do for the individual. This short book provides a powerful insight into what Alan has learned through 25 years of practising the medium.

Demonstrations & Experiments

Spirit Art or Psychic Art is a sensitive form of art influenced by the spirit world. A spirit communicator influences the consciousness of the artist allowing information and messages to be passed through art and mediumship to a recipient in our world.

Vivacious Lady

Do you recognise this information?

Communicator: Attractive lady, Round face, brown eyes, Fair hair, liked large earrings, Wears hair over shoulder, Thought she had a big nose, Great sense of humour, Known someone in the acting profession, Interested in Art, may have gone to art school, Vivacious lady in her youth, Name of Alice or Alysha Mike or Michael Gentleman with a beard, Dark curly hair Link with Ireland…

Religious Lady

Do you recognise this information?

Communicator Older lady, large brown eyes, Dark Hair, Deeply religious, Strong belief in the power of prayer, Convent education, Talking about books Librarian or teacher, Would like to be known as a younger woman, Problem with her teeth and throat, Feather in her cap, Edie Small dog with big ears Necklace with cameo, remembrance brooch Angel of Mons…

Young Man

Do you recognise this information?

Communicator Gentleman, intense light blue eyes, Sparkle in his eyes, Road accident Black eye, bruising around face, Very active man, Wears a baseball cap back to front, Andy or Andrew, Passed to spirit bike accident, Reckless rider, Energy and power, Loved music, Young man of his time, Liked to be out in nature, Liked to live dangerously…

Capture Energy Clothing – Designed with Love & Spirit

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