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“As an artist many subjects inspire, we develop ideas and strive to capture them in paint.”

Alan Stuttle NDD, RCA

Alan has worked as a professional artist for over 50 years after being granted a scholarship to the Royal College of Art, London. Today, Alan works mainly in Watercolours and Oils, but over the years he has experimented with almost every painting medium. His favourite subject matter in the United Kingdom has always being landscapes and historical architecture. In recent years he has found portraits of greater interest.

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Spirit Art & Colour Workshops

Explore your creativity and working with the spirit world

Spirit Art works alongside psychic and mediumistic abilities to tune into a recipient in our world and communicator in the spirit world. Through art we can bring forward information from a spirit communicator, draw an accurate portrait, symbols and colours that relate to the individual.

Working with colour we can strengthen and developing our psychic and spirit link. Understanding the meanings behind colour its possible to use them as a gateway to build a deeper connection with the spirit world.