Art of Alan Stuttle  - The Alan Stuttle Gallery, a lifetimes painting.
Alan Stuttle

As an Artist many subjects inspire, we develop an idea and strive to capture it in paint. 

I work mainly in Watercolours and Oils, and enjoy Uk landscapes, historical architecture and portraits.  
Life as an Artist

After three years at the Stoke on Trent College of Art, I was accepted by the Royal College of Art London for three years. Following a series of solo exhibitions I retired from teaching at the age of 29 to devote more time to painting as a Professional Artist.

In 1972 I moved to York opening the Alan Stuttle Gallery in Micklegate which was used as a base for travelling around the country painting new subjects for my portfolio.

In 1988 I opened another gallery in Scarboorugh giving access to the east coast. After painting in the historic city of York the fresh sea air brought new vibrancy to my art.

After many years painting in England I took on the new challenge of Europe, USA & Canada, this increased my portfolio significantly, most certainly the energy of Italy brought more excitement & colour to my work.

During the past fifty years I have always been inspired by the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales. I have painted, many but there are still many views waiting to be painted. New Zealand has now been added to list of new inspiration.
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